Failure to properly monitor and treat a newborn baby can turn the start of life into the start of a something unimaginable.

Crabtree Carpenter, PLLC specializes in Birth Injury cases.  This case highlights one of our areas of special focus.

Newborn’s Jaundice Turns To Kernicterus Due To Improper Care

The Case:

Allison went through a normal pregnancy and was looking forward to the birth of her first child. The baby was born with jaundice, which is something that is simple to take care of – when properly treated and diagnosed. Without proper treatment, however, it can lead to Kernicterus, a rare but very serious form of cerebral palsy. Allison’s pediatrician failed to properly monitor and treat her baby in the days following their release from the hospital. As a result, her baby’s jaundice did develop into full-blown Kernicterus.

The Investigation:

Our attorneys were very familiar with Allison’s situation, having handled many similar cases involving doctors who chose not to start appropriate treatment for jaundice. Knowing that Kernicterus is fully preventable, Allison hoped that her lawsuit would help bring this disorder, and its potential dangers, into the public eye.

The Results:

As in our other Kernicterus cases, our attorneys were successful in helping Allison obtain a settlement that provides appropriate medical care and therapy for her child – and in highlighting the need for vigilance in confronting this entirely preventable disorder.

This is just one example of many kernicterus cases that our attorneys have handled.

NOTE: Names of clients have been changed for confidentiality reasons.