Authorizing the wrong treatment for an injury or illness can be worse than no diagnosis at all.

As these sample cases of improper medical treatment and medication demonstrate, settlements can be about much more than money.

Medial Malpractice Causes Woman To Lose Leg

The Case:

Our client came to us distraught over the loss of her left leg by amputation. Several months before, she had been to her doctor because her leg was numb. She was taking medication known to cause clotting and was concerned that she was experiencing this side effect. Although her doctor noted that it was difficult to find a pulse in her foot, he decided that no treatment was necessary. Because there was a clot, her leg tissue began to die, and she had to have her leg amputated.

The Investigation:

Our attorneys researched the issues, gathered the relevant data and presented our client’s case so effectively that we were able to reach a settlement on her behalf – avoiding the difficult and emotionally draining courtroom experience, and getting her settlement money that much sooner.

The Results:

Our attorneys secured a settlement for our client that provided compensation in all areas of her life affected by the amputation. In addition to a payment that makes up for lost income, she is now properly fitted with a prosthetic leg, and receives ongoing physical therapy. The settlement also allowed her to renovate her home, and take advantage of a specially equipped van so that she could maintain her active lifestyle. Our client now has the resources she needs to live a full and active life, despite her injury.

Medication Side Effect Causes Man Serious Injury

The Case:

Greg was in a car wreck while he was on the job, and suffered a serious head injury. At a rehabilitation center in Durham, NC where he was sent for his recovery, a sedative was prescribed to keep him from becoming very confused and agitated. However, the prescription was never administered. In his confused state, and without adequate supervision, Greg fell out a window. He survived the fall, but it dramatically worsened the extent and severity of his head injury.

The Results:

The firm was able to find experts who were able to determine what cognitive disabilities were added due to the fall. The recovery that our attorneys obtained in Greg’s case covers all of his lifetime medical expenses and provides for his living expenses. It also paid for his daughter to go to college, and provides ongoing payment to his wife to compensate for his lost wages.

Cancerous Kidney Transplant Causes Death

The Case:

Jerry was fortunate enough to receive a necessary kidney transplant. Unfortunately, the kidney that he received was infected with cancer. Because he was taking extremely strong immunosuppressant drugs to prevent his body from rejecting the transplanted organ, his immune system was not able to fight off the cancer that invaded his body. He died as a result of the cancer that came with his new kidney.

The Results:

Jerry’s family had a simple goal: to make sure this case was resolved so that someone was held accountable for his death. Our attorneys worked with his family to highlight this case where a loved one died from someone else’s cancer. Along with a fair monetary settlement, Jerry’s family was able to raise awareness about the dangers that can be involved in these types of transplant procedures.

NOTE: Names of clients have been changed for confidentiality reasons.