We trust nursing homes to provide proper care for our loved ones.

Here are two cases that show how we respond to nursing home abuse and negligence that results in illness, injury or even death.

Pressure Sores Caused By Severe Malnourishment At Nursing Home Leads To Elderly Man’s Death

The Case:

The family of an elderly man approached our attorneys hoping to open further investigation into his death at the nursing home where he had been living in Durham, NC. They felt that the nursing home was guilty of negligence, but hadn’t been able to prove this conclusively on their own.

The Investigation:

Our attorneys agreed to look into the circumstances of his death. It became apparent that he had been severely malnourished, and his body had been covered with bedsores. Our attorneys were able to show that the cause of death was a massive infection, which could have been prevented with proper care.

The Results:

Damages were recovered for the wrongful death, allowing the deceased man’s estate to provide funds for his children.

Negligent Nurse Allows Nursing Home Patient To Fall From Wheelchair, Breaks Neck And Dies

The Case:

An elderly double below-the-knee amputee dialysis patient, Edna, needed in-home care as part of her treatment. While she was in the care of her home health nurse, Edna was allowed to fall from her wheel chair. The fall left her with a broken neck, and paralyzed from the neck down. She died within just a few months.

The Results:

Our attorneys assembled and worked closely with a team of doctors and nurses to show conclusively that the fall was a significant cause of death, and also that it should have and could have been avoided. After successfully presenting her case, damages for wrongful death were awarded to our client’s children.

NOTE: Names of clients have been changed for confidentiality reasons.