Time and resources can be wasted, and lives permanently damaged, if a medical misdiagnosis occurs.

Below is one good illustration of the impact we can have in these types of cases.

Man Paralyzed After Back Pain Misdiagnosed By Emergency Room Doctors

The Case:

Tom, a young athletic bike rider went to see his doctor when he was experiencing back pain. The doctor diagnosed it as a strain. Unfortunately, he later learned that it was an infection, which ultimately caused paralysis and left him unable to walk. Tom is now confined to a wheel chair.

The Results:

Our attorneys filed suit against the medical practice on his behalf. The settlement that was reached enabled Tom to purchase a specialized van and renovate his home to accommodate his handicap. He also received enough compensation to cover the income he would have earned over the course of his life, and help support his family as he would have otherwise.

NOTE: Names of clients have been changed for confidentiality reasons.