Surgical errors can occur during even the most routine procedures, and their consequences can be tragic.

We’re experienced in making sure families get a full and fair airing of their cases.

Negligent Surgical Follow-up Care Causes Permanent Injury

The Case:

Jeff came to our attorneys after what should have been routine back surgery went horribly wrong. Just a few days after the surgery, the surgeon who performed the operation was made aware of the complications he was experiencing, but did not act on them in a timely fashion. As a result, his patient has now lost the use of his bowels and bladder.

The Results:

Medical experts hired by our attorneys determined that the surgeon had been negligent in his responsibilities. Damages were awarded to Jeff, paying for past and future medical needs, and compensating him for his inability to work. Our attorneys also worked with Jeff and a life care planner to provide the best vocational and medical experts and help him live the fullest life possible.

Negligent Injection Causes Muscular Degeneration

The Case:

When Jim was in his mid forties, he entered the hospital for what was supposed to be routine surgery. A medical professional gave him an injection from an unmarked syringe, which turned out to contain a corrosive non-surgical fluid. In the aftermath, Jim suffered muscular degeneration and chronic pain.

The Investigation:

Jim at first attempted to settle this case on his own, with no luck. When he came to our attorneys, we had the resources to track down the key out-of-state witnesses who were vital to proving his case.

The Results:

Once our attorneys were able to present a thorough case for Jim, the doctor in charge of the surgery accepted responsibility. The settlement that Jim received paid for all of his medical bills and lost wages, as well as compensating him for his suffering and mental anguish.

Negligent Sinus Surgery Leaves Man With Brain Damage

The Case:

Based on his doctor’s advice David elected to have a routine sinus surgery. During the surgery, his surgeon lost sight of the markers that should have guided his progress, and strayed into David’s brain, damaging the frontal lobe. Because of this injury, David suffers chronic headaches and has lost the ability to control initiative and “executive functions” – his organizing, planning and processing capabilities.

The Results:

Our attorneys were able to successfully present David’s case and recover a settlement that provides for his ongoing medical care and – since he is no longer able to work at his previous positions – future lost wages.

NOTE: Names of clients have been changed for confidentiality reasons.