We expect manufacturers to produce safe products.

When they make defective products and injuries occur, we get involved in cases like the one below.

Defective Television Cart Falls On 4-year Old Girl Causing Brain Injury

The Case:

Lydia, a four-year-old girl, suffered a severe brain injury when a television on an unsafe and defective cart fell over on her. Her parents came to our attorneys, hoping to find representation and a way to receive fair compensation for her injuries and medical expenses.

The Investigation:

Through a detailed investigation of volumes of internal company documents, our attorneys uncovered clear evidence that the television cart did not meet the manufacturer’s own tip-over safety standards. Our attorneys also took the step of consulting with Consumer Products Safety Commission engineers to prove that the cart should never have been manufactured and sold as it was. At that time, more than 100,000 carts had been sold.

The Results:

Through a suit involving the cart manufacturer and the distributors, our attorneys recovered damages that will pay for all of Lydia’s past and future medical, educational, and vocational needs. In addition, she will be provided with a regular income for the remainder of her life.

NOTE: Names of clients have been changed for confidentiality reasons.