Guy Crabtree, Speaker at Durham County Bar Association CLE Event

Guy Crabtree, partner with Crabtree, Carpenter & Connolly, PLLC law firm, was a speaker at the Durham County Bar Association Continuing Legal Education event on February 5 at the Hope Valley Country Club in Durham.  Guy spoke to a group of approximately 150 local attorneys.

Mr. Crabtree’s presentation, The Investigation and Preparation of a Wrongful Death Case, explained how to properly investigate and prepare a wrongful death case. He discussed how new laws recently passed by the Legislature regarding damages have affected these cases.  During his talk Mr. Crabtree shared his experience and knowledge gained over 30 years of handling these types of cases.

His one-hour presentation outlined the three parts of a good case, and showed the attorneys in attendance how to maximize recoveries for their clients.  In closing, Mr. Crabtree pointed out to the audience that the pursuit of a law suit is justice, and while a consequence of the suit may be money, the pursuit is justice; and to get full justice an attorney who handles wrongful death cases must be creative, imaginative, and willing to work hard for his or her clients.