In your family and in your business, agreement is the foundation. However, life's circumstances inevitably change and what was once agreed upon now becomes impossible. The laws of North Carolina recognize this dynamic and provide remedies to facilitate the necessary changes in your family and your business. These remedies are based on reason and common sense. In response to life's changes, people's actions are, often regrettably, not based on reason and common sense.

Having children shifts the paradigm of value in life: time and emotional connection become more valuable than money. This is not to say that the financial aspects of marriage and family are not important, rather that money enables you to spend time with whom you love. Understanding this, Crabtree, Carpenter & Connolly attorney Jeff Connolly seeks to form new agreements for individuals in the midst of changing families based upon principles of fairness and the law. He believes that divorce is not a sin; if you don't want to be married the law says you aren't required to stay that way. However, there must be a forward-looking objective to the legal proceedings other than getting back at the person who has wronged you.